Saturday, May 19, 2012

NUTOX OXYFUSION Softening Pre- Cleanser

Today i would like to share my product skin care.. Nutox Oxyfusion... I bought this product from watsons farmasi.. I really satisfied with this product.. Because my skin is combination and easy to get pimples so I must do extra care to my skin.. For me the best product i already try is  NUTOX OXYFUSION Softening Pre- Cleanser.. Before this i just NUTOX OXYFUSION Radiance Cleansing Gel and NUTOX OXYFUSION Skin Refining Astringent .. One day i go to watsons to buy my cleanser because my cleanser almost finished. And i saw this new product NUTOX OXYFUSION Softening Pre- Cleanser. So I bought this product and try.. And I was shocked because it's very smooth to my skin.. And day after day my skin more better... It's better used before using NUTOX OXYFUSION Radiance Cleansing Gel.. and after cleaning your skin using both of this products wipe your face uses clean towel or tissue and spray a NUTOX OXYFUSION Skin Refining Astringent.. Your skin will feel very fresh.. It's works on my skin but i'm not sure it work on all of your skin..

first bottle with red lid is a NUTOX OXYFUSION Softening Pre- Cleanser, second bottle is a NUTOX OXYFUSION Radiance Cleansing Gel the last bottle is a NUTOX OXYFUSION Skin Refining Astringent.



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