Sunday, November 25, 2012

Free Sample

This is some tips i want to share with all of you before buy something.. especially when we want to buy some cosmetic product or skin care product. Its very important tips because we should not be waste our money for some product which cannot work with our self ..
1. 1st tip is, we must do some research about the product.. about their ingredient, their price and the 
    very important thing is people testimonial. 

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2. You can get some sample from the chosen pharmacy or cosmetic/skin care outlet. for easy 
     easy example is clinique Because, before you bought something            
     you must try it first to saw the effectiveness and the suitable of that product on your skin.. If its 
     already suit for your skin you can buy the actual pack of that product.. there we can save our
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3.Apply the freebies/sample for online website such as at onlybeauty site.. you can apply the chosen
    product do you want to apply. before this you must registered first and the registration member 
    fee is absolutely free..But you must apply for few time until your application is successful.. and 
    if successful the sample with be reach at your door step with mail.. 

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This simple step is quick important if you want the better result and save your money from waste. so be smart in your trade.. 

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