Monday, November 26, 2012

Garnier Light BB Cream

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As we know to get good condition for our complexion is very important. As a young woman we must extra care with our skin to get the good result in the future. so we must begins to take care our skin start right now. Dont just wait and see, we must push our self and we must hardworking. So for someone who those have a problem with your skin, dont worry just calm down and think positive. I also was been through with skin problem. And lately my skin become more better and better and i very thankful to God because give me back my skin. And i really care with my skin because i dont want to worst it. Many product i was try start from mustika ratu, neutrigina, Eucerin, clinelle and the very last is Nutox.. I already review about this nutox product.. So today i want to review about this bb cream, garnier light bb cream. I already wear it for nearly 2 years.. And it's was very good for my skin. My skin is not feel itchy now and now i believe about this garnier bb cream. The cream is not heavy and the covered was very light, I feel like i dont wear anything on my face.. Have ten benefit if you use this garnierr bb bream. You can feel:

1. more radiant
2. more even-toned
3. with less dark spots
4. with less visible imperfections
5. reduces redness
6. smoother
7. more hydrated
8. with less visible lines
9. with less visible pores
10. Reveals its healthy glow.

this bb cream also oil free and fragrance free and won't clog your pores. An suitable for all skin type. I already wear it and i really satisfied with the result. Please make sure your hand is really clean before you apply any cosmetic product and wash your sponge or brushes do you use. Because that this is the source that occurrence your skin problem.

Its difficult to get flawless skin but easy to worst it..
The very important things is consistent in what you do to get the better result..

range :4/5
price: around RM17++



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