Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hand Bouquet

Thanks for all reader who spend their time to review this blog.. today i want to share with you about hand bouquet for any ceremonies especially wedding ceremonies.. every woman brides look more shinning when their hold their own hand bouquet.. different woman like different design of wedding bouquet.. sometimes they need the simple one and sometimes they need the greatest one.. for me the simple one is my choice for my future wedding (hopefully).. so i want to share this design for your wedding bouquet.. hopefully it can give you an inspiration for your only greatest day in your life..

source: marilynskeepsakes

source: thebridestree

source: myshaadiobsession

source: apracticalwedding

source: socialbfly

very nice and unique right.. hopefully this design of hand bouquet will inspire you for your own wedding..



  1. Hai singgah blog eza, sekarang tgh trend pearl ngn brooch kan, dija letak gak pearl sikit2.. Yg pntng pada kita cantikkan :)

    1. betul tu yang nk menempuh hari bahgie kite.. y penting puas hati n ade kenangan kat situ:-)


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