Monday, November 12, 2012

nutox oxyfusion advanced serum concentrate

nutox oxyfusion advanced serum concentrate

This is the best serum i ever have.. Why? because this serum make my skin feel better than before. I apply it after wash my face and before apply make up.. skin feel very smooth and my pore like become smaller.. if have pimples i took it on that area and the pimple shrink quickly.. before this my skin easy become oily and sometime feel itchy.. and after i used this serum my face become more better. Just a few drop  my skin feel fresh and less oily.. I suggest to every woman if want your face become more younger and become better.. this nutox product is paraben free and contains of bird nest collagen.. as we know bird nest is good for our skin to become more younger.. Dont hesitate to try :-) you can get it at watson and guardian and mybe at any pharmacy...

rate: 5/5

maybe the result will be different to every woman because we already have a different type of skin right.. i suggest try the sample pack first if you afraid to use this big bottle.. you can get it from watson.. have a nice day :-)


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