Saturday, August 4, 2012

Interview Preparation

Hai.. How about today ya.. ok today i like to share about the interview preparation. It is very important to all of us especially to all fresh graduate who's do not have any experience about the interview session.

1. Before go to interview session we must prepare our self about the company information.. their   company mission, vision, what the company done.
2. Bring all your certificate that related, such as your degree, your diploma, your achievement, and make sure you keep all that certificate in the file.
3. Arrange your file with the latest certificate (example from 2012 to 2005).
4. Search internet about the familiar question interview ( its really help you know).
5. Make sure wear your proper attire based on your apply position (for example at the picture below). For muslimah women make sure wear the plain tudung/ scarf and the color must not too striking.

                                 source : google

6.  Make sure do a lot of practice. ( for example practice in front of the mirror to gain your confident level).
7. Sleep early and wake up early to avoid rushing.
8. Survey the interview location by google map. or you can survey by yourself to avoid lost.
9. Dont forget to bring your resume.
10. Prays a lot and tawakal..

Hopefully it's help you guy. even though not help you much.

Gud luck guys:-)


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