Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kasut kahwin simple

Hai.. Just wanna to share about the simple wedding shoes for your wedding day.. Shoes below is the design that I really like because of the simple design and not too crowded with bling bling that I don't like much :-)
So what you thing?

source: bridalshoesblog

source: google

source: bellissimabridalshoes

source: customweddingshoes.designyourpedestal

Wedding Shoes
Wedding shoes
source: hendcyber

simple right? just nice and not to crowded.. But the important things, you can recycle this shoes back :-)

hope this can give you and idea for your wedding day.. Have a nice day bride to be :-)



  1. boleh la dijadikan inspiration mase nak kawin nanti kann.. tq coz komen kat blog ni :-) dah follow dah ketiga-tiga blog ayu :-)

  2. Sy nak taw la..kt mne u tgk kasut no 1 uh x leyh nk click..minat sgt yg 1st uh..:D

  3. dekat sini :-)

    tp jual dekat mane tu tak tahu la, pun tgh survey2 dekat mane ade jual kasut macam ni:-) if dah jumpe sye share kat awak ye :-)


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